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Reviews - Recensioni nazionali ed internazionali




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FOUR - MUSEA Record review

Breaking news ! A world event is about to happen ! According to our sources, a real treasure may have been discovered: after the famous THE BEATLES' lost tapes, here is a complete album of previously unheard musical material, recovered in a dusty corner of the British capital underground system ! It seems that the tapes, recorded by a previously unknown group, had remained there since the late Sixties, forgotten by everyone. According to authorized sources, this unique music would be typical of its time, and benefits from a quite remarkable level of production. Our informators also mention that it would include an astounding Hammond organ, a perfect rhythm section, relatively psychedelic guitars and a saxophonist as a guest... The tracks would be both concise and energetic, bluesy and ambitious. So British ! In a nutshell, all the characteristics of a hidden ATOMIC ROOSTER ! Definitely not a surprise if you could find a cover version of "Can't Find A Reason" here, as well as "Travelling Lady" (Manfred MANN CHAPTER THREE). One and only clue to lead the investigators to the solution of this riddle, a simple name scribbled on the tape: LONDON UNDERGROUND... But, wait a second ! Ladies and Gentlemen, I've just been told that the mystery has just been solved: it was actually an hoax !... This operation has been so beautifully created that we can't actually blame its authors. Those facetious Italian musicians are not beginners, given that some of them had previously done criminal acts under the name STANDARTE, and then created the first LONDON UNDERGROUND eponymous album in 2000 (More than three thousand happy victims as today !). But still, "Through A Glass Darkly" (2003) is definitely an exceptional album, ready to come to you with the force of a tidal wave ! Would we dare say that this is one of the majors new issues in current Progressive rock ?!?... LONDON UNDERGROUND will have to wait seven years to come back on the forefront, in a revamped line-up centered around keyboardist GianLuca GERLINI. This change doesn't prevent "Honey Drops" (Musea, 2010) from keeping the spirit alive ! These twelve instrumental pieces are an explosive bunch of acid-rock, psychedelia and Progressive rock, somewhere between ATOMIC ROOSTER, early PINK FLOYD or GONG. The album includes covers (John BARRY, JETHRO TULL, THE BEATLES, EDEN ROSE...), mixed with new tracks by the band, all rearranged in the unmistakable LONDON UNDERGROUND way. The sound remains absolutely faithful to the late Sixties: a feast for Hammond organ, Mellotron, Moog, a roaming and unstoppable bass... This masterpiece is a powerful album, packed with enthusiasm and energy, a time travel in an era of musical freedom.

Test Live home-made | Firenze | 27.06.2015

1 - Bumpin' on Sunset 2 - Norwegian wood 3 - What



London Underground go to Austria | BURGEN-DELIC miniTOUR

Oberwart 6 novembre - Ollersdorf (Bgld) 7 novembre - ore 21.30


Live at Cafe Bambini - Austria - Foto Josef Lang


SICURCAIV - Casa del Popolo | Grassina (Fi) | 30 gennaio 2015



Gianluca Gerlini ⤦

Formati nel dicembre 1998 a Firenze
da Gianluca Gerlini (Hammond, piano, mellotron) e Daniele Caputo (voce e batteria) e Marco Piaggesi (basso).

Iniziano recuperando il suono British-underground/psychedelic-pop, con predilezione anche per il rhythm & blues anni '60, principalmente basato sui metodi dell’Hammond-sound e del pianismo elettrico, analizzato in origine da magici inventori di stili come Brian Auger e George Fame.

Debuttano nella scena internazionale con l’album London Underground pubblicato dalla svedese Record Heaven nel 2000.

Nel 2003 esce il secondo album Through a Glass Darkly per l’etichetta francese Musea Records, lavoro con un sound più prog di inizio anni '70. Per l’occasione tutte le parti di basso e la cover art, furono affidate a Stefano Gabbani, musicista ed artista visionario.

Dopo una fase di inattività, nel 2008 Gianluca Gerlini riforma la band con Alessandro Gimignani alla batteria
e Fabio Baini al basso.

Nel dicembre 2009 entrano in studio e registrano il terzo album Honey Drops; l'album raccoglie brani inediti ed editi della scena British- acid- psychedelic- pop- vintage con influenze prog.

I London Underground oggi hanno un sound sempre d’ispirazione Hammond Based (Vintage Sounds in Acid Psyco Beat), solo strumentale, ispirandosi anche alle colonne sonore dei film anni '60 e '70.

All’inizio del 2017 il polistrumentista Elio Nencioni, sostituisce Fabio Baini al basso che dopo dieci anni di assidua attività, decide di togliere le corde al basso e dedicarsi ad altro.

Il 2018 porta ulteriori cambiamenti di formazione, ritornando al basso Stefano Gabbani con le sue sonorità Psychedelic Progressive Rock, sottolineando e rafforzando così la chiara matrice della band.



Ascolta e scarica

Anno e titolo

2000 - London Underground

2001 - Takin’ a detour vol. 2 - Compilation

2001 - The art of Sysyphus vol. 7 - Compilation

2003 - Through a glass Darkly

2010 - Honey Drops

2018 - FOUR

2019 - Space Edition

2023 - live at the 19 dream Sardonicus Festival


Record Heaven (Sweden)

Detours Records (UK)

Eclipsed Production (Germany)

Musea (France)

Musea (France)

Musea (France)

Fruit de Mer (UK)

Fruit de Mer (UK)